[Bioperl-l] [rt.cpan.org #31796] SeqIO

Sendu Bala via RT bug-bioperl at rt.cpan.org
Fri Dec 21 08:57:20 EST 2007

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On Fri Dec 21 07:07:30 2007, brandi.cantarel at afmb.univ-mrs.fr wrote:
> I might have found a bug in SeqIO in bioperl.  Well it is actually a  
> memory leak.  When I try to load large file, I can step through the  
> first 10K or so sequences (using next_seq) but then it just hangs.....
> If this bug is fixed please let me know.

Please use http://bugzilla.bioperl.org/ to tell us about this bug. 
After creating a bug report you'll be able to attach the script in 
which you encounter the problem, which we need to diagnose this issue.

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