[Bioperl-l] Bio::Coordinate::Collection could DoWhatIMean better (w/ patch)

Heikki Lehvaslaiho heikki at sanbi.ac.za
Fri Sep 26 02:25:54 EDT 2008


Bio::Range::Set sounds like great idea.

Sorry to put you in a tight spot with the request for keeping external 
dependencies to the minimum. I should have stressed that follow it only if it 
can be done easily. If you look at the actual dependencies of BioPerl at the 
moment, you'll realize not many have to patience to follow that guideline.

The main thing is the get working code in. If you then have the energy to code 
a module that gets rid of the dependency, that's an added bonus.

Thanks for your effort,


On Friday 26 September 2008 06:25:08 George Hartzell wrote:
> What would people think about a Bio::Range::Set (and/or SetI) which
> behaves like Set::Intspan (which alone would be a waste of effort) but
> also embraces RangeI's concepts of stranded-ness and
> strong/weak/unspecified comparisons?
> g. (who's sometimes thinks that 'tuits grow on trees...)

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