[Open-bio-l] BioRuby+BioGem at Ruby Social Club in Milan

Raoul Bonnal bonnalraoul at ingm.it
Fri Feb 25 03:52:59 EST 2011

Dear All,
yesterday I talked about BioRuby and BioGem projects during a Ruby Meeting in Milan. Sorry the presentation is in Italian, I'll translate it in english asap if you are interested.
It was a small meeting with few people but they were very interested about our projects. I think because we are facing problems that are not so common, basically the business is more "standard" than expected :-).
Many of them believe that bioinformatics is just crunching data. Others known our friends BioPerl and BioPython and nothing about BioRuby. Why ? One or two guys that know BioPython were exited about BioRuby; the answer is simple, at university they learned perl or python, ruby is just relegated to business work aka Rails. What that means for me ? Perl is an institution :-) ,Python's guys did a great job in spreading their project.
How can we change the world :-) ? Talking! and in June ( I can't remember the date, around 12) there will be the Ruby Day -Italy- at University of Milano Bicocca and I'm going to help as much as possible in this event. Actually I hope to take part in the organization, everything needs to be planned, talks, tutorials.... etc

I'm very surprised for a so strong and vivid interest.

The meeting schedule:
- Giordano Scalzo. MongoMapper
 <http://railstips.org/blog/labels/mongomapper/>,  a wrapper for MongoDB <http://www.mongodb.org/>

- Raoul Bonnal. BioRuby and BioGem, how to create gems that can be reused from script and rails application aka engines
BioGem <https://github.com/helios/bioruby-gem>

- Andrea Reginato. Testing ed RSpec <http://relishapp.com/rspec> best
NOTE: please contribute to the document is free and open !!!

-Elia Schito:TimeTap helps you track the time you spend coding on each project while in TextMate

Just few link that can be of interest for Bio* projetcs, I know that Peter and Chris are reading:

>>>  CeBIT di Hannover nell'ambito dell'"Open
>>> Source Park"
>>> http://www.cebit.de/exhibitor/vemar?directLink=Y854924
>>> http://www.open-source-park.com/

www.nosqlday.it sold out (just for note)

MongoUK - 21 March

Mongo France - 23 March

Mongo Berlin - 25 March

It would be very useful to have a shared calendar where putting this kind of events.
Do we agree to use google calendar or do you have a better solution ?



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