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See Chris's BioPerl page

Thoughs on the OSC offer: Terry Lewis and I spoke with you recently about the interest of the Ohio Bioinformatics Consortium (OBC) and the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) in hosting the OBF open source bioinformatics software.

After consultation with Ashok Krishnamurthy, Research Director of the OSC, we hereby state our interest in serving as a host. OSC would like to offer its hardware resources and the expertise of its cyber-infrastructure team. Additionally, as Coordinators of the OBC, Terry Lewis and I would like to offer the assistance of Ohio's bioinformatics community. In particular, the Research and Infrastructure Working Group of the OBC is interested supporting, utilizing and enhancing the OBF bioinformatics software. This represents a great opportunity for synergy among the OBC and the OBF.

We have resources and manpower that we can dedicate to this initiative. However, before we can make a more detailed commitment, we need additional information from the OBF about the requirements, needs and goals regarding the OBF open source bioinformatics software. Thus, we request the opportunity to discuss this issue with you and the OBF Board during the conference call of Nov. 19, 2008.