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Anonymous access to the latest hosted source code repositories

The methods described here grant access to live snapshots of our current code repositories. The files may be in constant flux and certainly do not reflect official packages and supported releases.

The following OBF supported projects are now using git hosted on github.com:

   * BioRuby uses http://github.com/bioruby/bioruby
   * Biopython uses http://github.com/biopython/biopython
   * BioPerl uses http://github.com/bioperl
   * BioSQL uses http://github.com/biosql/biosql

For downloads of tested and released software, please visit the official Projects page for links to the project websites and download locations.

Note to developers

This page describes methods for obtaining read only access to the latest snapshots of our source code. Updates, fixes and new code can not be committed, but you can create a fork of the repository on github (allowing you to modify you own personal repository), and changes resubmitted to the projects as a pull request.

Past archives

The above projects have previously used CVS and/or SVN hosted on OBF-maintained hardware, but these resources are no longer available.