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  • This page is being used for discussion of BOSC 2009 planning. Please see the BOSC 2009 Main Page for the official information.

Important Dates

NOTE: Dates in BOLD are determined by ISMB. Dates in italics are "penciled" in for planning purposes.

  • Monday, November 10: Chair posts SIG proposal to Google Site for comment by organizing committee.
  • Monday, November 17: SIG proposal comment period closes so proposal can be finalized.
  • Wednesday, November 19, 2008: SIG proposals due to ISMB; Proposal uploaded to ISMB as of 3:06PM PST Kdahlquist 23:06, 19 November 2008 (UTC)
  • Tuesday, December 16, 2008: SIG proposal has been accepted by ISMB Kdahlquist 22:51, 16 December 2008 (UTC)
  • Friday, January 16, 2009: SIG summary due to ISMB coordinators, Instance of OCS set up and tested (or Easy Chair)
  • February 16, 2009: Registration Opens
  • Wednesday, March 4, 2009: Preliminary program due to ISMB
  • Thursday, April 2, 2009: Preliminary program posted online at ISMB web site
  • Monday, April 13: Abstract deadline
  • April 13-30, 2009: Review period
  • April 30-May 12, 2009: Resolution of disagreements, decisions made
  • May 13, 2009: Notification of accepted abstracts
  • May 15, 2009: Early Registration Discount Cut-off date
  • May 22, 2009: Abstracts revised to conform to formatting guidelines received by committee
  • Monday, June 1, 2009: Handout materials (CD and/or printed) due to ISMB
  • Deadline for revised papers (for proceedings if we have one)
  • Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28, 2009: BOSC
  • June 29 to July 2, 2009: ISMB main meeting

NOTE: If we decide to publish a proceedings, we will need to add deadlines for the revision of papers and delivery to the journal either pre- or post-conference.

Organizing Committee

  • We seek volunteers to help with the organization of BOSC 2009. If you wish to join the BOSC 2009 Organizing Committee, please send an e-mail to bosc@open-bio.org.
  • If you wish to be on the mailing list for BOSC-related announcements, including the call for abstracts and deadline reminders, please subscribe to the Bosc-announce list.



  • Lonnie R. Welch (Ohio University)
    • Special interest in organizing the sessions on design patterns, regulatory genomics, and grand challenges in the Post-Genomics Era.

Members and Roles

  • Hilmar Lapp (BioPerl, BioSQL, and NESCent)
  • Jens Lichtenberg (Ohio University)
    • Publications Chair: will be responsible for collecting, organizing, and formatting abstracts, making program (PDF for hard copy), and posting to the BOSC 2009 web site, organizing proceedings
  • Frank Drews (Ohio University)
    • Interest in mulitcore and gpgpu computing
  • Andrew Dalke (Dalke Scientific, Goteborg, Sweden)
  • Jim Procter (University of Dundee, Scotland)
    • Interest in a BOF/hackathon on Visualization
  • Anton Nekrutenko (Penn State University)
    • Overlap with Data Management & Analysis SIG
  • Steffen Moeller (Institut für Neuro- und Bioinformatik)
    • Computational grids

Offers to Help

  • Richard Holland


Keynote speakers

  • Aim for one main speaker per morning.
  • Committee, please put suggestions on BOSC Planning GoogleDoc.

Session Topics

  • Bio* Updates
  • Open Source Software
  • Design Patterns in Bioinformatics
  • Regulatory Genomics/Computational Genomics (and hackathon)
  • Multicore and GPGPU computing
  • Visualization
  • Computational Grids
  • Data Management & Analysis: Overlapping session with DAM SIG
  • Lightning Talks
  • Birds of a Feather

Tasks & Action Items

Logistics & Planning

  • Finalize BOSC 2009 web site wording: done
  • Put out Call for Abstracts via e-mail (Click here to download .txt version of message):
    • Bosc-announce list updated with addresses from BOSC 2008 and Call for Abstracts sent Kdahlquist 20:41, 24 February 2009 (UTC)
    • Added BOSC 2009 organizing committee members to Bosc-announce list; sent call to committee members.
    • Sent Call for Abstracts to Open Bioinformatics Foundation members list.
      • I'm wondering when that list was last updated because I could not find my own name on the list and I've been a member since Summer 2006. Kdahlquist 21:38, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Publicity Ideas

  • Update/create E-mail lists
    • Participant lists from previous BOSC conferences
    • O|B|F projects
    • O|B|F members
    • bioinformatics programs
  • Advertising exchange with PLoS
  • Poster